Executive Council

This is the record of the officers of the Graduate Student Council, who are formally referred to as the Executive Council, through the years.


President - Anya Trell

My name is Anya Trell, and I am a master’s student in Bioengineering with a concentration biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering. I am pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine and hope to integrate it with my background in Bioengineering. When I am not in the lab or at school, you can find me cuddling with my cats or hiking a National Park. I am so excited to be your Graduate Student Council President, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues this year.

Vice President - Tomi Ogungbenle

My name is Tomi (toe-me), and I will be the Vice President for this year’s GSC. I am a 2nd year MA Healthcare Ethics student, whose innate desire is to foster a more equitable healthcare. Beyond the classroom, others would consider me to be a professional napper who still somehow has time to experience new vacation destinations. I am super excited for all that GSC has planned for this school year, and I am elated that I get to share these plans with you all! 

Director of Outreach – Camella-Rosa Nasr

Camella Nasr is a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. She spends most of her time working on her research project, focusing on the atmosphere of Mars, and hoping she doesn’t have to physically go up there some day. Her passions include boba, sushi, Captain America, romance novels, and unsurprisingly, long walks on the beach. 

Director of Professional Development – Nancy Ngo

I am a graduate student pursuing a Master's in Public Health with a focus in Health Policy. Before coming to the School of Public Health, I studied Psychology at the University of Louisville in the College of Arts and Sciences and graduated in May 2020. My current professional interests include racial health equity, immigration policy, and academia. Through my position as the Director of Professional Development, I hope to promote a sense of community amongst all graduate programs and aid graduate students towards scholarship and excellence. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Chinese dramas, playing Words with Friends, and making meatloaf.

Director of Finance 

Director of Graduate Travel – Idoia Meaza

Idoia Meaza, M.S, is a doctoral student at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Ms. Meaza received a competitive Erasmus Mundus scholarship to complete an international master's degree. For her master´s thesis, she joined the Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology to study the mechanism of hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) induced carcinogenesis. After completing her Master´s, she joined the Ph.D program at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and continued with her research in Dr. Wise´s laboratory. In her free time, Idoia loves to do different activities, such as, hiking, rollerblading, and dancing. Ms. Meaza feels honored to take the role of Director of Travel at Graduate Student Council, as it will allow her to get more involved in the UofL community by serving graduate students. 

Senator Proxy – Beverly Granger

My name is Beverly and I am in my second year in the Master of Public Administration program, with a concentration in Leadership and Diversity Management. My current professional interests include education policy and education equity. On a personal note, I love learning languages and travelling and I read anytime I have free time.

Senator Proxy – Jacob Miller

Hello! I'm a Senator Proxy for Graduate Student Council and a 2nd year PhD student in the Chemical Engineering department. My academic and research interests include fluid dynamics with a focus in hemodynamics and applications of machine learning. My hobbies include chess, backgammon, and amateur astronomy.



President – Israel R. Curbelo

Vice President – Anna Deters

Director of Outreach – Tiffany Murray

Director of Professional Development – Kimberly Heller

Director of Finance – Jennifer Toyoda

Director of Graduate Travel – Allison Williams

Senator Proxy – Olalekan Olowo

Senator Proxy – Prasadi Adhihetty



President – Alexa Melvin

Vice President – Natalia Bilchuk

Director of Outreach – Sahar Sinene Mehdoui

Director of Professional Development – Rachel Wells

Director of Finance – Jason Deakings

Director of Graduate Travel – Terri Tinnell

Senator Proxy – Rachid Tagoulla

Senator Proxy – Blake Martin



President – Kelsey Kaht

Vice President – Luis Cardona

Director of Outreach – Rubens Petit Homme

Director of Professional Development – Matthew Roth

Director of Finance – Fadoua Khmaissia

Director of Graduate Travel – Drew Skidmore

Senator Proxy – Theo Malone

Senator Proxy – Manooch Saeedi



President – Lily Assgari

External VP – Kelsey Kaht

Internal VP – Luis Cardona

Communications – Jakia Marie

Travel – Manooch Saeedi

Finance – Pegah Sagheb

Senator-at-Large -- Drew Skidmore

Senator-at-Large -- Gabrielle Read-Jasnoff



President – Adam King

External VP – Megan Robinson

Internal VP – Garrett Seay

Communications – Caitlyn Crenshaw

Travel – Lily Assgari

Finance – Elijah Jensen

Senator at Large – Luis Cardona

Senator at Large – Kelsey Kaht



President – Femmy McQueen

External VP – Brandon McReynolds

Internal VP – Nik Short

Communicates – Neha Angal

Travel – Ryan Luke

Treasurer – Mahsa Badami

Senator at Large – Kelsey Kaht

Senator at Large



President – Jasie Stokes

External VP – Ben Leamon

Internal VP – Keri Mathis

Communications – Katie Wilson

Travel – Ryan Luke

Treasurer – Benousch Abdollahi

Senator at Large – Tracey Eckersley

Senator at Large – Femmy Rose



President – Jasie Stokes

Vice President – Rachel Croley

Travel – Dave Jensen

Treasurer – MJ Negahdar

Information Chair – Harley Ferris



President – Amerisa Waters

Vice President – Amy Lueck



President – Travis Gault

Vice President – Amy Lueck

Secretary – Brynn Dombroski

Travel – Michael Schoen





President – Amber Carrier

Vice President – Henry Luka

Secretary – Jeff Osgood

Treasurer – Vicki Laemmel