Executive Council


This is the record of the officers of the Graduate Student Council.

2023 - 2024 

President: Alexandria Underwood (Acting Director of Professional Development) 

MSSW in Social Work (Gerontology & Pediatrics) and MA in Applied Philosophy in Health Care Ethics 

Vice President: Kyle Cook 

PhD Candiate in Physics & Astronomy

Director of Outreach: Scotland Stewart 

PhD Candidate in Public Health & Information Sciences with a specialization in Epidemiology

Director of Finance: Yuan Zhao 

PhD Candidate in English in Rhetoric and Composition

Director of Travel: Branna Humphrey 

PhD Candidate in Criminal Justice 

Senator Proxy: Kamille Rasche 

PhD Candidate in Microbiology and Immunology


Senator Proxy: Sean Kiernan

MA in Higher Education Administration


Below are formally referred to as the previous GSC Executive Council, through the years.


President - Camella Nasr 

Vice President- Alexandria Underwood 

Director of Outreach- Zane Roneu

Director of Finance- Jacob Miller 

Director of Travel: Weston Anderson 

Director of Professional Development; Ayodeji Adeniran

Senator Proxy- Scotland Stewart 

Senator Proxy- Kyle Cook 


President – Anya Trell

Vice President – Tomi Ogungbenle

Director of Outreach –  Camella-Rosa Nasr

Director of Professional Development – Nancy Ngo

Director of Graduate Travel – Idoia Meaza

Senator Proxy – Beverly Granger

Senator Proxy - Jacob Miller



President – Israel R. Curbelo

Vice President – Anna Deters

Director of Outreach – Tiffany Murray

Director of Professional Development – Kimberly Heller

Director of Finance – Jennifer Toyoda

Director of Graduate Travel – Allison Williams

Senator Proxy – Olalekan Olowo

Senator Proxy – Prasadi Adhihetty



President – Alexa Melvin

Vice President – Natalia Bilchuk

Director of Outreach – Sahar Sinene Mehdoui

Director of Professional Development – Rachel Wells

Director of Finance – Jason Deakings

Director of Graduate Travel – Terri Tinnell

Senator Proxy – Rachid Tagoulla

Senator Proxy – Blake Martin



President – Kelsey Kaht

Vice President – Luis Cardona

Director of Outreach – Rubens Petit Homme

Director of Professional Development – Matthew Roth

Director of Finance – Fadoua Khmaissia

Director of Graduate Travel – Drew Skidmore

Senator Proxy – Theo Malone

Senator Proxy – Manooch Saeedi



President – Lily Assgari

External VP – Kelsey Kaht

Internal VP – Luis Cardona

Communications – Jakia Marie

Travel – Manooch Saeedi

Finance – Pegah Sagheb

Senator-at-Large -- Drew Skidmore

Senator-at-Large -- Gabrielle Read-Jasnoff



President – Adam King

External VP – Megan Robinson

Internal VP – Garrett Seay

Communications – Caitlyn Crenshaw

Travel – Lily Assgari

Finance – Elijah Jensen

Senator at Large – Luis Cardona

Senator at Large – Kelsey Kaht



President – Femmy McQueen

External VP – Brandon McReynolds

Internal VP – Nik Short

Communicates – Neha Angal

Travel – Ryan Luke

Treasurer – Mahsa Badami

Senator at Large – Kelsey Kaht

Senator at Large



President – Jasie Stokes

External VP – Ben Leamon

Internal VP – Keri Mathis

Communications – Katie Wilson

Travel – Ryan Luke

Treasurer – Benousch Abdollahi

Senator at Large – Tracey Eckersley

Senator at Large – Femmy Rose



President – Jasie Stokes

Vice President – Rachel Croley

Travel – Dave Jensen

Treasurer – MJ Negahdar

Information Chair – Harley Ferris



President – Amerisa Waters

Vice President – Amy Lueck



President – Travis Gault

Vice President – Amy Lueck

Secretary – Brynn Dombroski

Travel – Michael Schoen





President – Amber Carrier

Vice President – Henry Luka

Secretary – Jeff Osgood

Treasurer – Vicki Laemmel