Dissertation Completion Award Nomination Form

    Please provide information on the person you are nominating in the form below. The submitted nominations will undergo an evaluation process. Successful applicants will be contacted for further nomination support information. Nominations must be made by either the Department Chair or the Director of Graduate Studies.

    The nomination must include:

    1. A statement of program commitment: The department Chair must confirm in writing a commitment to subsequent funding for one additional semester should the student not graduate in the semester of the award.

    2. A letter of evaluation: The nominator must explain why she/he feels the student is deserving of this award. The letter should address thestudent’sscholarly ability and program progress that provides strong evidence the student will defend within the semester of the award. Additionally, the letter should address how this award will free the student from other obligations that may distract from completing his/her dissertation. Preference is given to students will be freed from other service duties as a result of the award.

    3. Student’s c.v. or resume

    4. A detailed plan for completion: The student must provide a detailed plan for completion that is agreed upon by the mentor and committee.

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