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Our goal with Digital Transformation is to create a variety of ways in which we enable technology knowledge throughout UofL and our community.

offer a terrific for-credit option. These classes feature embedded digital badges from our partners incorporated into the design of the course. Additional courses added each semester.
are featured technology opportunities for enrolled students and university employees. Software, professional enhancement and discipline-specific digital tools are only the beginning of resources available.

Below are additional listings of technology training offered online by our technology vendor partners. Most of the courses listed are offered as FREE and include a result of free badges / trophies / certificates / credentials in some cases. Be sure to search or look for "no cost" and "free" in the listing. We recommend never paying with a credit card unless you are wanting to cover the cost for a certification exam. As a general rule, most badges are free but formal exam certifications might cost to take the test following the course. After passing any badge or certification level, you are awarded a digital credential emblem or symbol to use on your resume, LinkedIn account or professional document.

Our many partnerships are growing and building so watch our website for new and ever-expanding opportunities to enhance your skills.

allows you to find options to fit your needs without visiting each site below. We've highlighted select non-credit learning resource badges from our partners that may be used to supplement existing UofL courses or begin a learning journey to advance in one's career.
has many courses available for earning new technology micro-credentials. You can search their learning site for "no cost" and "free" labels in each of the course listings, badges or certifications. These courses range from new business skills to web development to the basics of Watson super-computing. Guided Walkthrough
offers many badges and certifications as well as free tutorial learning modules and helpful guides. Use the convenient Filter menu to determine areas for browsing different learning modules. Microsoft has certification paths – each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn the certification. The certification exams from Microsoft are a direct cost to you (ranging in price but generally are under $150) but Microsoft Badges are free. Guided Walkthrough
has many free resources in the form of online tutorials and step-by-step guides even if you don't have access to their Creative Cloud via UofL's free enterprise license (see Resources). Their Education Exchange also provides self-paced options.
helps you learn about Google’s analytical measurement tools as well as data collection and marketing. Online business analytics are key to any business role whether you are just starting out or an experienced executive. These offerings are FREE too!
provides FREE courses in emerging technologies, including data science, AI, big data, cloud computing and blockchain. Badges for various skill levels are available. You can sign-in with various social networking account addresses or through your IBM Academic Initiative (see below) UofL account.
is a partnership between Microsoft, Louisville Metro Government, and the University of Louisville focused on increasing economic opportunity and equity by enabling Louisville to become a regional hub and center for excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (ioT) and Data Science. The Future of Work Initiative (FWI) is focused on 3 main areas: Workforce Transformation, Industry Development, and AI for Good.
  • Workforce transformation: Training and preparing Louisville’s workforce for the next tech revolution with a focus on inclusion.
  • Industry development: Strengthening Louisville’s healthcare and manufacturing clusters by driving innovation and supporting the application of AI, Data Science, and the Internet of Things education and implementation in companies.
  • AI For Good: Demonstrating the power of data and AI to solve social issues as a way to increase awareness and adoption across the community.
transforms the lives of learners, educators and communities through the power of technology, education and career opportunities. Available to anyone, anywhere.

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and partner outreach

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Robotic telescope and combination of images from the 4 cameras on the TESS satellite (swath of the sky that includes the Andromeda galaxy on the left and our own Milky Way down through the middle)

NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)