Loan Information

Direct Unsubsidized Loan

  • Amount: Dental first year $44,944, second and third year $47,167- fourth year $42,722
  • Interest Rates (2024-25); 8.08% once disbursed with 1.057% origination fee

Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

  • Amount: remaining unmet cost of attendance
  • Interest Rates (2024-25): 9.08% with 4.228% origination fee

Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL)

  • Amount: cost of attendance; generally $10,000-$25,000/year
  • Interest Rates: 0% while in school; 5% in repayment
  • Based on socio-economic background- you must qualify for this loan program (we must review student & parental federal tax data each year)
  • Due to Truth & Lending regulations and completion of additional loan disclosure forms, this loan will disburse in August for Fall and February for Spring – you will need to complete additional forms with the Office of Financial Aid, HSC and the Institutional Loan Servicer ECSI.

Private Dental Education Loan

  • Amount:  remaining unmet cost of attendance
  • Interest Rates: variable based on LIBOR or Prime + a % based on credit score tier
  • This loan would be taken in place of the Graduate/Professional PLUS Loan