Financial Aid Application Process

Applications for financial aid are available no later than December 31 for the following academic year.  It is important for you to apply early. Students who complete their application by the March 15th priority deadline increase their potential to receive the maximum aid available from each of the financial aid programs.

Students often find the financial aid application process confusing. To help you apply for financial aid and understand the process, the major steps are outlined below:


Step 1:  Submit the Free Application for Federal Student aid for 2024-2025

To complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) visit the FAFSA websiteYou will need to provide information about your 2022 W-2s and federal tax return in addition to personal identifying factors and contact information (Social Security number, date of birth, address, mobile phone number, etc.). ULSD students should use the University of Louisville school code (001999). If you are in need of help contact the FAFSA help line at 1-800-433-3243Please use the Financial Aid Direct Data Exchange to import your 2022 tax data into your application whenever possible. 

Step 2:  Confirmation Email and Review your Student Aid Report

  • Timeline: After the FAFSA is completed online

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is submitted to the Federal Processing Center for analysis. The processing center will email a Student Aid Report (SAR) to you and the Financial Aid Office. When the University of Louisville Financial Aid Office has received your application, we will also send you a confirmation email to your student account.

Step 3: Verification or Missing Documentation

  • Timeline: 2-8 weeks later

Step 4: Financial Aid Award

  • Timeline: Mid-May to June

The Financial Aid Office will calculate your eligibility and forward an email Financial Aid Award Notification (FAN) to you. The email will direct you to ULink to view your financial aid award. To process a federal student loan, you must accept/reduce your offered loans via ULink.

Please note:  the University of Louisville does not require a Graduate PLUS loan application to be completed on the Federal Student Aid website. Your FAN will automatically include the maximum Graduate PLUS loan for which you are eligible and you have the option to accept the amount you wish to process for the year.

Step 5: Master Promissory Note(s)/Entrance Counseling

  • Timeline: June to July

The Master Promissory Note(s), or MPN, for the Direct Unsubsidized and/or Direct Graduate PLUS loans are only completed once during your enrollment at the School of Dentistry.

First time student loan borrowers must complete online entrance counseling in order to receive any student loans. This process will take 30 minutes. Please do the combined entrance counseling for Direct Unsubsidized and Direct PLUS loans.

To complete your federal student loan steps, navigate to the federal student aid website and log in using your FSA ID.

Step 6: Loan Disbursement

  • Timeline: First week of classes

The school will divide your loan in two equal disbursements, which are sent to the University at the beginning of each semester.

Please note: If you are accepting the Health Professions Student Loan, you will complete additional forms before the loan is disbursed - you will be notified directions in June.  This loan will disburse in the middle of July once all forms are submitted and approved.

Step 7: Residual Funding

Once your account is cleared of any charges for the current semester, the residual balance of your loan disbursement will be sent to you based on the refund method that you select through ULink. These funds will need to last you for the entire semester.


Please feel free to contact Dental Financial Aid with questions at 502-852-5076 or .

Please Note: The Financial Aid Office processes aid as quickly as possible but we rely on you, the student, to submit all financial aid forms in a timely manner.