HUD Sustainable Communities Capacity Building Grant

CEPM was supporting the national Sustainable Communities Learning Network as a capacity building provider to Sustainable Communities grantees across the nation.  CEPM lead a team comprised of members of the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN), specifically the New England Environmental Finance Center, the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland, and the Southwest Environmental Finance Center, as well as two other University of Louisville centers: Center for Hazards Research and Center for Infrastructure Research

Our team’s technical assistance focused on:

  • Building the capacity of nearly 400 Sustainable Communities and EPA grantees to meet their workplan objectives, including implementing effective strategies for infrastructure investment and local and regional planning.
  • Fostering grantee peer-sharing to encourage coordination between projects as well as sharing of sustainability practices.
  • Helping grantees integrate water infrastructure, green infrastructure, consent decrees, brownfields redevelopment, and resiliency into their local and regional planning efforts.

Grantees and professionals working on projects supported by the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities are encouraged to visit the Sustainable Communities Learning Network website for resources, technical assistance, and training events.


Issue Briefs

Water Management Learning Modules

Practice Guides & Case Studies


Growing the Local/Regional Food System: Strategies for Sustainable and Equitable Economic Development- Louisville, Kentucky- February 18-19, 2015
The link above is to presentations and materials from this two-day event that highlighted strategies for building and strengthening the local and regional food system as a way to develop economic prosperity and create healthy, inclusive communities.

Linking Water Infrastructure to Community and Economic Development in Smaller Places - Wichita, Kansas - October 28-29, 2014
This workshop was designed to build the capacity of HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning and Community Challenge grantees from smaller metros and rural communities in the areas of water infrastructure planning and economic development. Presentations and other event materials, as well as reports, case studies, and additional resources related to planning, economic and workforce development, transportation, and sustainable development can be accessed at NADO and the Sustainable Communities Learning Network.

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Workshop - West Memphis, Arkansas - May 8-9, 2013
The link above is to presentations and materials from this two-day event to build rural communities capacity to manage water infrastructure needs sustainably.

Incorporating Water Management into the Community Planning Process- Louisville, Kentucky - August 16-17, 2012
The link above is to materials from this two-day event that discussed topics that communities face when seeking to communicate with their community about changes in the way water resources are preserved.