Outstanding Performance Award

Campus Health Service's own Carrie Bibelhauser received a 2015 Outstanding Performance Award and was recognized along with other recipients at a luncheon with President Ramsey on June 25.

“Carrie was from the beginning of her employment, and still is, the backbone of Campus Health,” her nomination letter said. She is “in every piece of furniture, every tile laid, every bill paid, every staff member hired, and every financial report completed.” Her colleagues praised her ability to wear many hats while staying organized, her upbeat and positive outlook, and her caring and sympathetic nature.

Congratulations from all the staff of CHS.  We always knew you were outstanding, and now everyone else knows too!

Visit https://louisville.edu/uofltoday/facultystaff-news/staff-honored-for-outstanding-performance to see who else received awards this year.