Information & Program Access for Parents/Guardians

Your involvement in our ongoing alcohol education and prevention initiatives is welcomed! Students are required to complete AlcoholEdu for College Part 1 before arriving on campus in order to help them make well-informed decisions as they transition to UofL. We encourage talking with your students about what they have learned and how they will use this information in the future.

While we are committed to making a difference with our students, we also understand that parents are the first line of defense against alcohol misuse and abuse. That’s why we have made AlcoholEdu® for Parents available to you.

AlcoholEdu for Parents is an online program designed to support your conversations about alcohol that will help shape the decisions your child must make in college surrounding alcohol use.

The program includes:

  1. A brief introduction and suggestions on the best way to start conversations about alcohol (15 min).
  2. An overview of the AlcoholEdu for College course structure and key concepts (5 min).
  3. Direct access to AlcoholEdu for College, in an easy-to-use format that allows you to navigate freely from chapter to chapter (approx. 3 hours).
  4. Helpful resources, such as tips on talking to your college student about alcohol, fact sheets on alcohol’s effect on the brain, how alcohol impairs learning and memory, and more.

We are confident that AlcoholEdu for College will help ensure your child’s success at UofL and in the future.

AlcoholEdu for Parents Directions

Go to and use the registration code P157289PARENT.

Students should NOT use this registration code; they should use the registration code sent to them via their UofL Cardmail Account, otherwise they will NOT receive credit for completion!

You can also find out more about AlcoholEdu by viewing the following video

AlcoholEDU Video from EverFi on Vimeo.