University Fees

Fees listed are per semester, unless noted otherwise. Tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by administrative, legislative, or University of Louisville Board of Trustees action, and changes become effective on the date enacted.

University fees are fees that are assessed to a specific group of students or a whole population.  These fees are not based on courses enrolled.

A UofL education is an excellent investment in your future. For additional information on educational expenses and the Cost of Attendance, please visit the Student Financial Aid Office’s website.

Fee Fee Amount
A&S Technology Fee .50 per Credit Hour
Dental Enhancement Fee Varies by Specialty
Dental Instrument Fee $3,500

Education and Human Development (TEAD)


Foreign Student Fee

$50 Fall/Spring & $25 Summer

Graduate Business Fee (Up to 9 credit Hours)

$10 per Credit Hour

Graduate UPA Fee (Up to 9 Credit Hours)

$12.50 per Credit Hour

Law Technology Fee


Music Major Fee

$175 Pro-Rated

Public Health Technology Fee (SPHIS)

  • SPHIS students taking six or more credit hours are required to pay a technology fee of $100 are required to pay a technology fee of $100 each Fall and Spring.

SOM Medical Disability Insurance Fee (Fall Only)


SOM Medical Technology Fee


Speed Software Technology Fee

  • All Speed School of Engineering students enrolled in any classes are assessed a $25 technology fee for that given semester.  The technology fee includes any undergraduate student, Master of Engineering program students, or graduate student (MS, PhD, and Post-doc) enrolled for one or more credit hours (including co-op.)

Student Recreation Fee

  • $98 per semester recreation fee will be applied to all students (including graduate, professional, and readmitted students) and pro-rated, per credit hour, for less than full-time students

Health Fee Rates 

Campus Health Services - Insurance Website
Email Student Insurance Service Account

Housing Rate

Meal Plan Rate


Course Fees

The course fee covers the cost of supplies, equipment, and materials utilized in classes for instructional purposes.  This does not include the cost of books.  All registered students are responsible for paying that class's associated course fee.

International Teaching Experience
(College of Education)
Varies by Course - Contact the Academic Department
Study Abroad Programs Varies by Course - Contact the Academic Department
*Fee per course listed in Web Schedule of Courses
Late Payment Fee $100
  • Amount charged each semester for unpaid balances after the due date.
Returned Check Fee $25
  • If a paper/electronic check used to satisfy enrollment fees is returned for non-payment by your financial institution, you will be assessed a Return Check Fee and your registration may be subject to cancellation.
Extramural Exam Credit 1/2 Regular Course Fee
Replacement Diploma $25
  • Fee to create a duplicate diploma.
Transcript Fee

Approximately $10, depending on delivery method. 

  • Amount is charged per copy.  Contact the Registrar's office with any questions. 502-852-6522

The Office of Finance and Administration serves all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.