Majors / Minors / Degree Planning

Major and Career Exploration

Please see our Arts & Sciences Graduation Checklist  for a set of step by step directions.

Do you have 90 credit hours (a Senior)?You should apply for a preliminary degree check today.

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The degree check is your application to graduate.


General Education Courses

General Education courses are core courses that must be taken by all Arts & Sciences students. Please see your advisor for a copy of your Gen. Ed. checklist and further details.


WR Courses

Upper level writing courses are offered in many different subject areas.  Please see this listing to consider all of your options.


The Steps in Choosing a Major

Step 1: Assessing and Understanding Your Interests, Skills, Abilities and Values

If you are taking steps toward discovering a major, it is important to first know about yourself. Self-assessment exercises and tests can help you discover many aspects of your personality.

Step 2: Research and Investigation

Studies show that only 10% of students who enter college with a major in mind really know about that major (Erickson & Summers, 1991). Find out what U of L, its colleges and departments have to offer you.  You can find information on majors from the current catalog here.  Please also see our page on "what can I do with a major in..."

The Career Development Center is a wonderful service to assist UofL students with career choices.

Step 3: Gain Hands-On, Practical Experience

One of the best ways to explore majors and careers is to try them out. There are a variety of different ways to gain experience in a particular field, some of which are listed below.

Step 4: Create a Plan

You have finally chosen a major or at least narrowed your search. Now take some time to create a plan of action. What outside opportunities are available within the field? What elective courses might compliment your major?


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where can I find the current catalog
A:  It is fully online (there are no paper copies).  You can find it on the homepage of the UofL website under the Academics column.  The list of requirements by major can be found here under Degrees and Degree Programs.

Q: Which catalog should I use?
A: The catalog for the year in which you entered the University.  You can opt to use a later catalog but not a catalog prior to your entry into the University.

Q:  If I am repeating a course that I already took - what form do I need to submit?

A:  You should fill out a REPEAT FORM to replace the previous grade. They are available at Gardiner Hall.  Dont forget to use the REACH center and the Writing center for academic assistance.