Appointments page images

Appointments page images
Image JPEG imageAppts image right
Gardiner Hall door with sunset right
Image JPEG imagePreparing for Advising red button
Preparing for Advising
Image JPEG imageAppts image left
Gardiner Hall door with sunset
Image JPEG imageWho needs advising red button
Who needs advising?
Image JPEG imageGardiner Hall
Gardiner Hall Arts & Sciences Advising office.
Imageappointments doors whole
ImageArts & Sciences Advising Front Door
Arts & Sciences Advising Front Door
Freshmen appointments
ImageAccepted Majors.
Accepted Majors
ImageNew Transfers.
New Transfers
ImageExploratory appointments.
Exploratory appointments
Image Troff documentAppointments banner short
Advising appointments
ImageTo make an appointment call 502 852-5502
To make an appointment call 502 852-5502 - image is a beatiful green tree, with spikey purple buds, and fresh red flowers in the foreground. The glorious door to Gardiner Hall looms promisingly in the distance.