Mission and Vision

A&S Advising definition, mission, and vision.

A&S Advising Definition:

Academic advising of the College of Arts & Sciences is a partnership tailored to the individual student by

  1. Teaching students how to utilize resources in order to achieve academic, personal, and professional success,
  2. Empowering and encouraging students to think critically when making decisions, and
  3. Ensuring the student always comes first.


A&S Advising Mission:

The College of Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Services, in accordance with the University of Louisville’s mission statement, promotes student success by

  1. Empowering students to take ownership of their education,
  2. Advocating for an improved undergraduate experience, and
  3. Partnering with students to identify and achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.


A&S Advising Vision:

Every interaction with a student will be an opportunity to impact change.