About A&S Advising

Welcome to the center for advising and student services. A team of professional counselors, peer advisors, and support staff look forward to assisting you throughout your academic career in the College.


The Academic Advising Center of the College of Arts & Sciences is the academic resource center for the student.  The advising staff is a team of professional counselors who assist in planning programs of study, coordinating registration of courses, and providing guidance and referral services.

Academic advising assists students:

  • in selecting appropriate required and elective courses
  • in determining choice of major
  • who are experiencing academic difficulties in their course work.

Students are expected to know the requirements for graduation through the information available in the undergraduate catalog and through published addenda to the catalog.  Students who have been accepted to a major are expected to obtain advising from the faculty advisors in the department of the major. This opportunity to discuss the program with a faculty member is a very important part of the total college experience. Students should contact the department to determine the appropriate faculty advisor and the advisor’s office hours.

The College also provides pre-professional advice for students interested in careers in the law and in health-related fields.
Advising is required for all students with fewer than 24 hours earned, students with 45 or more hours earned and no approved major, students on conditional status, any student below a 2.0 GPA, and all exploratory (undecided and pre-unit students). New students (excluding post-baccalaureate and visiting students from other colleges and universities) are also required to be advised.  Other advising requirements can be found here.
The student information system will not permit students for whom advising is required to register for courses until completion of the advising requirement has been entered into the system.

The Undergraduate Catalog page 109

All information on this website is superseded by the current Undergraduate Catalog policies.

Advisors are here to help you, but choosing your courses is ultimately up to the student.  You are responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements in the catalog (which supersedes any statement by an academic advisor).