Advisor Technology Guides

Technology Guides for University of Louisville Advisors


University of Louisville Best Practice

How-to Guides

Advising Center Mode

  • How to Create an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode - Guide
  • How to Edit an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode - Guide
  • How to Cancel or Delete an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode - Guide

Advising Kiosk

  • How to Check Students in through the Advising Kiosk - Guide
  • Kiosk Instructions: Student Check-in Process for those with an Appointment - Guide
  • Kiosk Instructions:Student Check-in Process for those without an Appointment - Guide

Advising Reports/Notes

  • How to File an Advising Report - Guide
  • How to Add a Note to a Student's Profile - Guide
  • How to Add an Advising Report to a Student's Profile (for a student without an appointment) - Guide


  • How to Add Individual Appointments to the Calendar - Guide
  • How to Assign a Different Advisor to a Scheduled Appointment - Guide


  • How to Set Availabilities and Create an Appointment Campaign - Guide
  • How to Add Students to an Existing Campaign - Guide

Creating CardSmart Users

  • How to Create a CardSmart User - Guide

Progress Reports

  • How to Send a Progress Report Campaign - Guide
  • (Professors) How to File a Progress Report - Guide

Searching for/Communicating with Students

  • How to Search and View Student Profiles - Guide
  • How to Communicate with Students - Guide
  • How to Search for Students with Holds - Guide

Change Major


  • Change Major Flow Chart - Guide
  • Change Major Guide - Guide


How-to Guides

  • How to Change Requirement Terms - Guide
  • How to Complete a Degree Audit Report (for Advisors) - Video

Guides for Your Students

  • How Students Add Contact Information to ULink - Guide
  • How Students Run a Transcript from the Student Center - Guide
  • How to Run a Degree Audit Report - Video
  • How to Access Flight Planner - Video
  • How to Run a Degree Audit Report via Flight Planner - Video