Special Visits on Campus

Equine Industry Day: Friday, August 19 | 10 a.m.

Want to learn about the world’s only equine industry program in an accredited college of business? Join us for this special Campus Visit! We will explore the unique opportunities UofL's Equine Business program has to offer. We will host an admissions and program information session followed by a student-led tour of campus. We will also provided you and your guests with a Louisville-themed lunch! Finally, you will get to tour our stables used by UofL Equine Industry students every day.


Essay Writing Workshops: July 26, August 3, August 4 | 1 p.m.

It’s summer now, but before you know it, application deadlines will be here.  Get an early start on the process of writing your application letters and essays for college admissions and scholarships by attending this one hour workshop led by Steve Smith, the Dual Credit Coordinator in English for the University of Louisville’s Office of Admissions. In this workshop, you will learn how to analyze different audiences, such as scholarship committees and admission officers, and how to approach application prompts in order to tailor your letters to specific situations.  You will leave the workshop with a set of strategies and ideas to help you begin this process as soon as possible, avoid the pressure of deadlines, and write effective letters that will present you and your accomplishments in the best possible light.

To register, choose your desired "Essay Writing Workshops" date from the calendar selection after clicking the red "Click to Schedule a Visit" button at the bottom of any page.



Out of State Campus Visit: June 24 | 10:15 a.m.

This Campus Visit Program is reserved just for students visiting from outside of the state of Kentucky. The information session and tour will be geared especially for out-of-state students. Lunch will also be provided for you and your guests for the chance to interact with admissions staff and other prospective students.

To register, choose "Out of State Campus Visit" on June 24 from the calendar selection after clicking the red "Click to Schedule a Visit" button at the bottom of any page.