Vietnam War Commemoration

The University of Louisville is a proud commemorative partner in the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration Program.


Federal, state and local communities, veterans' organizations, and other nongovernmental organizations assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam Veterans and their families. Vietnam veterans and their families' service, valor, and sacrifice deserve to be honored and celebrated across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and especially by institutions of higher learning such as the University of Louisville, a leading marketplace of ideas and knowledge in the state.

Over the next two years, the University of Louisville's Vietnam War Commemoration Program will plan and conduct a number of events and activities. The program will greatly honor Vietnam veterans and their families, and further develop the strong bonds between the University of Louisville and its wider community.


To that end, the University of Louisville has formed a Vietnam War Commemoration Committee:

  • Daniel Krebs (History Department) (Chair)
  • Suzanne Bergmeister (College of Business)
  • Joseph Dablow (Provost Office)
  • Kevin Finnegan (Office of the President)
  • Steve Goralski (Brandeis School of Law)

For further questions and inquiries, please send us your email.

The University of Louisville is a proud Commemorative Partner of the Vietnam War Commemoration. It is not a part of, or endorsed by, the Department of Defense.