JCTC (Future UofL) Students

We offer all of the following services and support for our students. If you're not a JCTC student yet, learn how to apply.


Services and Events

Meet with an ULtra Advisor

ULtra advisors are available all year to meet with JCTC students. We can help you pick your classes, choose your major, and help decide on the best time to transfer to UofL. Please look at our office hours to see when the advisors are available.

How to Apply to UofL

Use our checklist as a guide to help you through the UofL transfer application process. Students need to apply online, send all official college transcripts, and pay the application fee in order to begin the application process. Please see the checklist for more details and further instruction.

How will my classes transfer?

You can meet with ULtra advisors to determine how your courses will transfer to UofL. You can also view the UofL course equivalencies or check your Academic Program Plans (APPs).

Academic Program Plans

JCTC has Academic Program Plans (APPs) specifically designed for students intending to transfer to UofL. These plans help you determine what classes to take at JCTC to ensure that your courses will transfer. ULtra advisors work with students to map out their time at JCTC using these APPs.

Visit UofL degree programs for more detailed information.

Taking a Class at UofL via ULtra

Did you know that as a JCTC student, you can take UofL classes at JCTC's credit hour cost? Learn more.

Programs and Events

We have many programs and events to help get you connected to UofL before you transfer.

Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

We are pleased to offer a pre-evaluation of your transfer credit, along with the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and career counselor (meeting times are subject to availability, but every effort to schedule an appointment with a staff member will be made). All three services are being offered prior to submitting an admissions application and paying the mandatory $25 fee! Learn more about course credit pre-evaluation.

Financial Aid / Scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financing a college education is a difficult process for many students. Numerous resources and opportunities are available for finding aid such as the KCTCS Transfer Scholarship.

Campus Info & Involvment

Get a UofL ID Card

The UofL student ID card (Cardinal Card) allows ULtra students access to UofL facilities and opportunities like the student recreation center, libraries, student organizations, club/intramural sports, student discounts, and more! If you’re interested in getting the campus life experience at a four-year university, the Cardinal Card is available for $40 per semester.

Housing Information

ULtra students have the opportunity to live in UofL Affiliated Properties. The properties are student apartment complexes and located within a few blocks of UofL’s campus.

Get Involved at UofL

UofL has over 400 student organizations catering to a variety of interests. As an Ultra student you can get a UofL student ID card that will allow you to participate in these organizations. UofL has multiple campus activities and events throughout the year that ULtra students can take part in. Please see the UofL event calendar for list of all events. 

Campus Maps

College campuses can be difficult to navigate. We have resources for both UofL and JCTC campuses that will help you find your way around.