Cambridge AICE Diploma Program

UofL awards credit on the basis of scores on the Cambridge AICE Diploma Program. Scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions as soon as they are available. For more information about the program please click here.

Upon receipt of test scores the appropriate number of credit hours will be entered on the student's record. Official test results are not released until October, please contact your high school to receive an official copy of your certificate. Students will need to work with their academic adviser to ensure duplicate courses are not taken.


A/AS Level

Required Score

Course Awarded

 Art and Design

A, B, or C

ART 100X (3hrs)

English Language

A, B, or C

ENGL 101 - WC (3hrs)

English Literature

A, B, or C

ENGL 250 - AH (3hrs)

*Global Perspective and Research

A, B, or C

UNIV 200X (3hrs)


A or B

HIST 102 - SBHD2 (3hrs)


A or B

MATH 190 & MATH 205 - QR (7hrs)



MATH 190 - QR (3hrs)


A, B, or C

PHIL 211 - AH (3hrs)

Physics (A)

A, B, or C

PHYS 221, 222, 223, & 224 - S/SL (8hrs)

Physics (AS)

A, B, or C

PHYS 111 (3hrs)


A, B, or C

PSYC 200XGENSB (3hrs)

* Please work with your academic advisor to petition for a more direct equivalency based on your major and research topic.

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