DSST Exam Credit

The University of Louisville awards credit on the basis of scores on the DSST Examinations. Scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions as soon as they are available.

Upon receipt of test scores the appropriate number of credit hours will be entered on the student's record. Test scores for new freshmen are received after the time of summer orientation/registration, so students will need to work with their academic advisor to ensure duplicate courses are not taken.

DSST Exam Required Score Course Awarded*
Art of the Western World 434 or higher ARTH 203 Introduction to Art - AH (3 hrs)
Criminal Justice 434 or higher JA 200 Crime and Justice in the US - SB (3 hrs)
Introduction to Law Enforcement 434 or higher JA 201 Law Enforcement in the US - SB (3 hrs)
Lifespan Development Psychology 434 or higher PSYCH 200X (3 hours)