Akers award


The University Commission on the Status of Women

Lilialyce Akers Travel/Research Awards for the Study of Women & Global Issues


Undergraduate and graduate students who have not previously won an Akers Travel Award are invited to apply for awards up to $1000 to facilitate the study of issues affecting women in the global south or newly democratizing nations (Eastern Europe; countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia). The awards are to be used to subsidize travel or expenses related to on-site research outside of the United States in 2011. Projects focusing on the United States, Canada, or Western Europe are not eligible for funding. Research conducted in conjunction with UofLs Alternative Spring Break program is eligible for funding under this program. Award recipients must complete all research by September 1, 2011. Upon returning from abroad, each recipient must provide a one-page written report on the results of research to the Department of Women's and Gender Studies and also give a public presentation at the Celebration of Research during fall semester 2011. All awards will be processed through the Financial Aid Office.

Application deadline: February 11, 2011, by 3:00 p.m.


To be eligible, students must have not previously won an Akers award and must:


  • Be enrolled at UofL as a graduate or undergraduate student at the time of application;
  • Complete an application form [PDF]
  • Provide a 2-3 page proposal or project description that includes an itemized budget and provides a clear explanation of the regular course or independent study to which the research is related;
  • Find a faculty sponsor who will complete the sponsor form and who will also provide academic guidance for the research including compliance with the U of L Human Subjects Research policy;
  • Return completed application by Friday, February 11, 2011, 3:00 pm to Jan Rayburn in the Womens and Gender Studies Department (3rd Floor, Gardiner Hall #331).


Applications are available at the International Center, the Womens Center, and Womens & Gender Studies Department (3rd Floor Gardiner Hall) or via e-mail from jan.rayburn@louisville.edu



Contact Nancy Theriot at nancyt@louisville.edu.

Note:  No materials may be submitted electronically.