Proposal Preparation and Submission

Step One

Common Elements of a Proposal

Before preparing your proposal, it is important to be familiar with the common elements that must be included in proposals

Step One

Proposal Review and Submission

    • Proposal Completion Checklist
    • Documents Required for Review
      • Signed PCF
      • Budget Justification
      • Abstract
      • Completed Electronic Submission Forms
      • Policy of Receipt and Requirements
        In order to ensure submission, the final version of the proposal must be submitted to OSPA five (5) full business days prior to sponsoring agency deadline.
Step One

Proposal Submission

Proposal Preparation Portals

Proposals are submitted by the institution on behalf of the PI.  In the event that the sponsoring agency allows the PI to directly submit, a fully signed copy of the PCF is required prior to submission.  The complete package (final version of proposal and signed PCF) should be submitted by email to the with a copy to your respective Grants and Contracts Assistant.

If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact in Research Development & Strategic Initiatives, (852-1708).


(*We would like to thank Jamie Rittenhouse for the development and provision of some of the forms listed on this site.)