About Us

The Research Integrity Program enables the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research to maintain broad oversight and knowledge of all integrity and compliance issues relating to the conduct of research at the University of Louisville.  This responsibility includes such issues as monitoring and making recommendations to University officials concerning:  ethical, professional, federal, state and other (e.g. international) policies or requirements relating to research; the overall University infrastructure for research integrity and compliance; education and training relating to the responsible conduct of research and research integrity and compliance; policy and procedural requirements, and their implementation, relating to research misconduct and the federal Office of Research Integrity.

The Research Integrity Program directs and conducts the University’s program for education and training in the responsible conduct of research, coordinating the implementation of this effort with departments and units within the University, with the objective of ensuring that the responsible conduct of research is maintained at a high priority level in all aspects of research activities.

Staff Members of the Research Integrity Program

Director: Allison Griffin Ratterman, Ph.D.

As Director, Dr. Ratterman provides overall guidance for the Research Integrity Program at the University of Louisville. Dr. Ratterman first joined Research Integrity in its inaugural year (2001) as a Research Integrity Specialist bringing a background in biological engineering. Since 2001, she has worked to develop and enhance programs and opportunities in the Responsible Conduct of Research as well as cultivating relationships with compliance, unit and department representatives across the Institution.

Research Integrity Specialist: Caroline N. Mills, Ph.D.

This position is responsible for the coordination of educational materials, presentations, projects and special events which focus in the key components in the Responsible Conduct of Research; with primary responsibilities are in the areas of Animal Welfare and Environmental Health and Safety.

Research Integrity Specialist: Adrienne Dumke, M.B.A.

This position is responsible for assisting the Director in the area of research compliance.

Training and Certifications Specialist: Carla Y. Jones, B.Sc.

Carla is responsible for maintaining the research training records database and providing certifications of completed training.