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How-to: Adding a ULP link to a Medschool department site

by Faust,Brian last modified Jan 07, 2011 03:24 PM

This quick how-to page and screencast shows how to add a link and image to your site in the right column

This is the image that we are going to place in the right (third) column of your department's site.
Visit UofL Physicians
Here is how to do it:
  1. Select the HTML below by highlighting everything in the blue box and hitting Control+C on your keyboard
  2. <a href="" title="Visit site"> <img src="" alt="Visit UofL Physicians" width="158" height="63" border="0" /> </a>
  3. Go to your website in a new window or new tab. In this example we'll use the Anatomy department at
  4. Log in to your site (upper right hand corner)
  5. Click "Manage Portlets" link in the right column
  6. From the "Add portlet" drop-down menu, select "Static text portlet" (last option)
  7. Give your portlet a title. E.g. "University of Louisville Physicians"
  8. In the body portion, click the HTML icon to be able to paste in the HTML code that you copied to your clipboard in step #1
  9. Paste in the HTML code
  10. Check the box that says "omit portlet border"
  11. Click the save button
  12. Lastly, go to any page in your site to see if the changes were successful


Watch a screen cast video showing the steps above.



Right click the image and save link to download the .MOV file to your desktop

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