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One Line Primary Logo

by Faust,Brian last modified Jan 24, 2012 12:16 PM

Unique application of the Primary Logo into a horizontally-strict orientation

The one line primary logo is unique . While the Primary Signature and the Primary Logo remain the default choice for most graphic applications of the UofL mark, there are certain instances where an element with a small height footprint is required (vehicle signage, billboards, etc).

The One Line Primary Logo should always be used with a purpose, as a result of a design or composition that absolutely requires this as a solution.

Clear Space

Observe the clear space around the logo to maximize visual effectiveness. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space.


The radius of the Clear Zone for the One Line Primary Logo must equal the size of a box represented in the blue box labeled “A” (equaling the height of the letters in “Louisville”). This is then used to measure the space surrounding the mark: above, below and to the side of two parallel lines.

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