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Unacceptable Mark Usage

by Faust,Brian last modified Mar 20, 2012 07:07 AM

Mistakes in logo application that must be avoided.

The success of the University of Louisville brand identity relies on the clarity and consistency with which it is implemented. Distorting or changing it reduces its legal protection and diminishes its impact.

Note: Do not use a university logo or mark as a basis for any new or derivative logo or mark. Adding graphic elements behind or around an official university mark is not permitted.

The following examples visualize some potential mistakes that must be avoided, including reproducing the logo on a textured or patterned background that reduces clarity, replacing any letter in the logo with a symbol or other graphic element, and adding graphic devices such as rules or boxes around the logo.

Please note that the following examples apply to all UofL marks and should be avoided at all times.


  1. Do not alter colors
  2. Do not alter proportions
  3. Do not remove elements
  4. Do not rotate the logo
  5. Do not invade clear space
  6. Do not add drop shadows
  7. Do not blur the logo
  8. Do not skew the logo
  9. Do not alter fonts
  10. Do not alter layout
  11. Do not crop the logo
  12. Do not add elements
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