Voice Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Be prepared to sing at least 2 songs in the classical style, from memory, in contrasting styles and moods. Usually this means one is in a moderate or slow tempo, which shows your ability to sustain good vocal tone, and one is in a livelier mood, which demonstrates articulation and vocal flexibility.       

The songs you choose should be memorized from printed music and must be accompanied by piano. Songs may have either English or foreign texts. You should get advice on appropriate selections and, if possible, vocal training from a competent and knowledgeable voice teacher in preparation for the audition.   

In addition to singing 2 songs, you will be asked to sing at sight a short musical example.  There may also be a tonal memory evaluation in which you will sing back a few brief sequences of intervals that have been played on the piano. These are diagnostic exercises that help in assessing your level of musical security and independence.

Note: Vocal auditions may be video recorded.