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Discover, Validate, Translate

Mission: Increase our understanding of basic mechanisms relevant to pediatric disease, discover and validate new therapies, translate these innovative approaches to optimize the health outcomes for children and their families.

Pediatric Research Goals

  • Establish a culture that values basic science, clinical and translational research, and innovation as essential to deliver the best care for children.
  • Expand our research enterprise activities across a broad landscape of topics relevant to our patients.
  • Collaborate across disciplines, schools, and institutions to build unique programs.
  • Recruit, train, and support academic investigators.
  • Expand our research funding every year.


Basic science research relevant to children occurs in the:


Clinical and translational research is conducted in our:   

What is Clinical Research?

Trainee research

Our pediatric training programs include clinical, translational or basic research training. Advanced research training also occurs through the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

Collaborating throughout the university

Our faculty members collaborate on research throughout the university, working with investigators from the schools of Medicine, Arts and Sciences, Dentistry, Education and Human Development, Nursing and Public Health Information Sciences; the College of Business; Speed School of Engineering; Brandeis School of Law; and the Kent School of Social Work.