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2014 - 2015

Jasie Stokes

     GSC President  

Keri Mathis

     GSC Vice President

Ryan Luke

    GSC Travel Administrator

Behnoush Abdollahi

    GSC Treasurer

Katie Wilson

     GSC Information Chair

Benjamin Leamon

     External Vice-President

Tracy Eckersley

     Senator At-Large

James Rose

     Senator At-Large

Departmental Representatives

If your GSC representative has changed, please fill out this form so we will have that updated information --->New GSC Representative Form





Arts and Sciences
Anthropology (ANTH)  Charles Davis ccdavi01[at]
Biology (BIOL) Bill Persons    wepers01[at]
Chemistry (CHEM)  Otome Elisha 
Classical and Modern
Languages (CML)
 Allison Whitehouse  arwhit102[at]
Communications (COM)     Inactive
English (ENGL)  Harley Ferris  harley.ferris[at] 
Fine Arts (FA)  Tracey Eckersley  teecke01[at]
Geography and Geosciences
 Jeremy Sandifer  jdsand08[at] Inactive
History (HIST)  Katherine Morrison  katymorrison.4[at]
Humanities (HUM)  Sarah Pennington  sdpenn03[at]
Justice Administration (JA)  Anthony Smith  aasmit09[at] Inactive
Mathematics (MATH)  Heather Hunt   hbhunt01[at]
Pan-African Studies (PAS) Rachel Spears   rdspea01[at]
Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)  Jamie Bougher   jamie.bougher[at]
Political Science (POLS)  Ryan Allison  rsalli01[at] 
Psychological and Brain
Sciences (PSYC)
 John Cooper  jmcoop12[at]
Sociology (SOC)  Brittany Buttry-Watson   b0butt01[at]
Theater Arts (TA)  Konrad Davis  kodavi01[at]
Urban and Public Affairs
(Public Admin) (UPA)
Charles Kaye-Essien   charles.kayeessien[at]
Women's and Gender
Studies (WGST)
Lauren Copeland  lecope01[at]
 College of Business
Accountancy (ACCT)     Inactive
(Business) (ENTR)
Jason D'Mello  dmelloja[at]
College of Ed (CEHD)
Education and Counseling
Psychology (ECPY)
 Sebastian Barr   smbarr01[at]
Health Promotion, Physical
Education, and Sports Studies (HPES)
 Richard Tronzo   richard.tronzo[at]
Leadership, Foundations,
and Human Resources (ELFH)
 Matthew Berry   msberr03[at] Probation
Teaching and Learning (EDTL)  Kristin Harbour  kristin.harbour[at]
Dental School
Oral Biology (OBIO)  Michael Guzelian   michael.guzelian[at]
Kent School
Kent School (KENT)  Seth Miller   scmill08[at] Inactive
School of Medicine
Anatomical Sciences and
Neurobiology (ASNB)
 Amanda Pocratsky

Audiology (AUDI)  Kara Monroe  kdmonr01[at[
Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology (BIOC)
 Saasha Kareparembil  sakare03[at]
Microbiology and Immunology
 Patrick Whang  pswhan01[at] Probation
Pharmacology and Toxicology
 Veronica Massey
Physiology and Biophysics (PHY)  Amber Mink  ammink01[at]
Speech Language Pathology
 Sharon Pierce  smbril01[at]
School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)  Irene Yang  i0yang01[at] 
Interdisciplinary Studies   Angie Carlson  abcarl02[at] 
School of Music
Music (MUS)  Israel Cuenca   idcuen01[at]
School of Public Health 

Public Health (PHCI) Emily Pacholski  epachols[at]
Speed School
Chemical Engineering (CHE)  Gabriel Draper   gabriel.draper[at] Probation
Civil and Environmental
Engineering (CEE)
 Tanvir Bhulyan   ahbhul01[at] Inactive
Computer Engineering and
Computer Science (CECS)
Anala Pandit adkulk01[at]
Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE)
 MJ Negahdar   m0nega02[at]
Industrial Engineering (IE)  Ehsan Khodabandeh   e0khod01[at]
Mechanical Engineering (ME)

*The status of departments is noted as either active, on probation or inactive.  Your department is on active status unless otherwise noted.  For inquiries about the status of your department, contact the GSC President at 

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