Graduate Student Council


Join us for the Spring 2015 Graduate Research Symposium!

Friday, April 10, 2015

George J. Howe Red Barn

10:00AM to 2:00PM

Spring Symposium Program:


    • Jonathan Watkins (Curriculum and Instruction - Ph.D.), "Self-Perceptions in Algebra Scales"
    • Tyler Short (Anthropology - M.A), "The Social Cultivation of Meaningful Places: Refugee Agriculture in Louisville, KY
    • James Rooney (History - M.A.), "Teutonic Frequencies: Radio, Reeducation, and German 'Purification'"


    • Masoudeh Ahmadi (Chemical Engineering - Ph.D.), "Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Water-Based copper Oxide Nanofluids"
    • Javad Hashemi (Chemical Engineering - Ph.D.), "Pattern of grafted methoxy polyethylene glycol (mPEG) on Langerhans islets"
    • Farhad Imani (Industrial Engineering - Ph.D.), "Simulation analysis of the vehicle axle and spring system assembly line"


Poster/Lunch Session

    • Brandon Zinsious (Anthropology - M.A.), "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Archaeological Survey"
    • Yi Li (Computer Science and Engineering PhD), "Using Virtual Reality for Psychophysiological Analysis of Autistics"
    • Zimple Kurlawala (Pharmacology and Toxicology - Ph.D), "Regulation of IGF1R by UBQLN1"
    • Research Fund Award recipients


    • Patricia Cowley (Community Health Education - M.Ed), "Effectively Combating the Lesbian Obesity Epidemic: Lesbian Attitudes Towards Obesity, Body Image, and Health"
    • Sandra Tombe (French Language and Literature - M.A), "The Post-Colonial Theory and the Malian Conflict: Africa and France between the Anti-Colonialist and the Colonialist"
    • Amanda Bowers (Educational Leadership and Organizational Development - Ph.D.), "Latina/o Youth Perceptions of School, Community, and Law Enforcement Authorities: A Qualitative Study." (Authors: González, J. C., Immekus, J. C., Peguero, A., Portillos, E., & Bowers, A.)

The GSC is the governing body of the GSA, an organization made up of all nonprofessional graduate students. All students who are getting a graduate degree other than a MD, DMD, JD, or MEng are members of the GSA. The GSC is comprised of executive officers and representatives from each department in SIGS. GSC helps set policies and creates programming to support graduate students. These representatives are your fellow graduate students, both Masters and Doctoral. The responsibility of representatives from each department is to attend GSC meetings (held monthly) and promote and engage in bi-directional communication with fellow students within their respective departments. GSC meetings are held to update students on important information pertaining to them, to discuss graduate concerns, and to offer a forum for communication between graduate students to improve the graduate experience at UofL. The representatives and officers on the council then allocate those funds to best serve graduate student's needs at UofL. Departments in "active" status with the GSC are eligible for Travel Funding for graduate students; more information about travel funding is available here.

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First Thursday of the month. Note: Our first meeting will be a summit on Saturday, September 6 from 10:00am to 3:00pm in Law 275.

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Bingham Humanities Building Room 300

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Dr. Beth Boehm,
Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs