Prerequisite Courses

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with a Concentration in Physical Education Teacher Preparation and Health Education, should be "on track" to apply to the MAT program. All courses included in the major are required for admission to the program. Students are encouraged to apply for an official degree check at least one semester prior to anticipated graduation date.

Post-baccalaureate students who are interested in applying for the MAT program must meet the following content requirements by the May 1st application deadline:

  • HSS 101-167, Two PE Activity Courses (Exercise & Health Related Fitness)
  • HSS 180, First Aid and Safety Education
  • HSS 184, Healthy Lifestyles I
  • HSS 200, Introduction to Prevention Science
  • HSS 202, Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • HSS 225, Skill Acquisition and Analysis
  • HSS 270, History and Foundation of Health and Physical Education
  • HSS 293, Social and Psychological Dimensions of Physical Activity
  • HSS 302 or 303, Human Nutrition
  • HSS 310, Healthy Lifestyles II
  • HSS 320, Growth and Motor Development
  • HSS 326, Rhythm, Gymnastics & Dance for Elementary School Children
  • HSS 374, Elementary Physical Education Methods
  • HSS 377, Intro to Statistics in Health & Human Performance
  • HSS 384, Program Planning in Health Education and Promotion
  • HSS 385, Methods in Health Education
  • HSS 387, Biomechanics
  • HSS 402, Practicum in Health and Human Performance
  • HSS 410, Theories of Sport Pedagogy
  • HSS 411, Theory and Analysis of Team Sport Skills
  • HSS 412, Theory and Analysis of Individual Sport Skills
  • HSS 418, Diverse Populations in Physical Activity and Health
  • HSS 455, Current Trends and Studies
  • HSS 463, Sexuality Education
  • HSS 493, Internship in Physical Education
  • HSS 495, Internship in School Health
  • HSS 562, Alcohol and Drug Education
  • EDTP 107 or ECPY 507, Human Development and Learning
  • EDSP 345/346, Special Populations in Schools w/ field experience

Total = 82 credit hours