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Welcome to the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)! Our team of academic advisors is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing you with consistent and accurate academic support. The undergraduate advising team is located in the Education Building, Room 140. Please contact the EASS office at 502-852-5597 or edadvise@louisville.edu.

What is academic advising in the CEHD?

Academic advising is an ongoing, educational partnership between you and an academic advisor. You can always count on your academic advisor to give you accurate and complete information about your degree requirements, and refer you to the appropriate source for information you need to be a successful student. There are two kinds of academic advisors in the CEHD: professional advisors and faculty advisors.

What is a professional advisor and what are their responsibilities?

Professional advisors are located in the EASS office (room 140), and provide accurate information concerning academic policies and procedures, deadlines, and degree requirements. Professional advisors teach you how to evaluate your progress toward degree requirements, and refer you to University services and programs to assist you with your academic, career, and personal development.

What is a faculty advisor and what are their responsibilities?

Depending on your chosen major, you may be assigned to a faculty advisor. A faculty advisor is an instructor or professor in your area of study, responsible for assisting you in the exploration of career opportunities related to your major, guidance in choosing appropriate internship/practicum/student teaching experiences, and support with sequencing courses in the major.

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You are responsible for:

  • Monitoring your own progress toward the completion of your degree requirements
  • Making final decisions regarding program and course selections
  • Consulting with your advisor on a regular basis
  • Understanding academic policies and procedures
  • Being prepared when you arrive for an advising appointment
  • Making efficient use of University resources
To find your academic advisor's name and contact information, please log into ulink.louisville.edu. Click on the "Student Services" tab and then scroll down to the "Undergraduate Advising" section. Click on "Student Center."

Undergraduate advising requirements are specific to your academic major. Please select your department/major below for more specific information and resources:

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