CEHD Teaching and Learning Pathway for High School Students

"Students who earn college credits during high school have a big advantage when entering college because they have already saved a lot of money and time, and are better prepared for the academic rigors of higher education."
Dr. Amy Lingo, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Unit Effectiveness
"By your senior year, you could be teaching several hours a day. You are expected to develop lesson plans, build a portfolio and are graded on your performance. I love school and I knew being a teacher is what I wanted to do."
Megan, a UofL freshman in the teacher preparation program
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What is the Teaching and Learning Pathway for High School Students?

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is partnering (memorandums of understanding, MOUs) with districts and high schools in Kentucky to offer a dual credit program. The program allows students to earn college credits towards a degree in education. Students in the program receive meaningful, embedded experiences that develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are critical to success in the teaching profession. Students also receive academic support and supervision from experienced teachers in K-12 schools. Several districts have agreements with the CEHD including, Jefferson, Bullitt and Gallatin counties. Courses are taught at the high schools as part of the Kentucky Department of Education's Teaching and Learning Career Pathway.

Please note: this program is only available to students who meet the eligibility requirements for dual credit course work. Applicants, parents/guardian, guidance counselor, and a teacher must complete the Teaching and Learning Dual Credit Program Recommendation Form to determine eligibility.

The Dual Credit Instructor Guide provides information for teachers interested in teaching dual credit courses through UofL

Funding for the Program

Funding to support high school junior and senio students who participate in the program is provided by the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship Program (KDCS). There are no tuition costs to the students who participate in the dual credit program, if they are eligible for the KDCS program.

How to Apply

Students interested in the program should first speak with a school counselor or teacher to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. More information may also be found in the Student Information Guide.

Admission Process

  1. Prior to the application date, students will need their social security number, email address and their parents email address(s).
  2. A Student/Parent Academic and Financial Policy agreement will be sent to students in advance of the application date. The agreement must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian and submitted to a Dual Credit representative at the participating high school. The agreement may also be completed online (click on the link above) and emailed to janet@louisville.edu.
  3. A UofL/CEHD dual credit representative will visit each school to assist students in completing an online UofL non-degree application.
  4. Students must submit official high school transcripts through Parchment or a high school counselor.
  5. Standardized test scores should be sent as part of the transcript or from the testing agency (see Student Eligibility Guide for required test scores).
  6. If a student applies for the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship, their high school will inform KHEAA of their enrollment in a dual credit course. KHEAA will contact the student by mail to make their scholarship preferences and to notify them of any award.
  7. Deadline for materials for the Fall 2017-18 school year is September 15 for both UofL and KHEAA.
  8. Students are enrolled in the course once the final student list is received from counselors, the student application is complete, and student eligibility has been verified.

Approved Courses

The following courses are approved to be offered as dual credit. All teacher education courses must be passed with a B- or better.

Course NumberCredit HoursCourse TitleRequired Field Hours Reported to KFETS
EDTP2013The Teaching Profession18 hours
EDTP3283Building Learning Communities36 hours
EDTP2153Foundations of Instruction40 hours

Please Note: EDTP 201 counts as a general education course.
EDTP 215 will substitute EDTP 301 for Middle Grades and Secondary Education programs.

UofL High School Dual Credit Admission

  1. If students meet the admission requirements noted above, they will be officially enrolled as a University of Louisville High School Visiting Scholar. Please note: Admission to this program does not ensure acceptance as a UofL undergraduate student.
  2. Cardinal Card – after students have been admitted to the program and registered for class, they can pick up a Cardinal Card (student ID) in the Houchens Building, which is located on Belknap Campus. The student ID card will allow students to use on-campus printing, purchase student athletic tickets, (if enrolled for seven or more credit hours), access library resources, the Writing Center, or ride TARC free of charge.
  3. ULINK - is a web portal for all UofL students and staff that allows access to accounts, records, financial aid, grades, transcript requests, etc.
  4. Blackboard - houses rosters, grades, email access, announcements, etc.,
  5. Cardmail - the official form of communication platform for UofL faculty, staff, and students.
  6. Parking - parking permits are enforced 24 hours a day. Permits must be displayed anytime students are on campus to avoid tickets. Citations result in registration hold. Transaction and appeals can be completed online. Office: 502-852-7275

Contact Us

For more information, contact Janet Spence, Director, Strategic Program Success Initiatives, janet@louisville.edu, or 502-852-4356.