What to Expect as a New Patient

What to Expect as a New Patient

As a school, we strive to ensure our students become responsible professionals. As a patient of the School of Dentistry, you are a vital partner in helping ULSD provide our students the opportunity to deliver quality, patient-centered, oral health care with compassion and respect.

Please read the information below to understand what to expect as a new patient:

  • A 90 minute evaluation appointment will be needed to assess your dental needs, address any health concerns and make the determination if your dental needs can be met by dental students.
  • The School may request additional information from your medical doctor(s) before making an assignment to your dental care program.  Medical consultations take time to send and receive the information that was requested.
  • Depending upon your medical and dental needs, there may be times, except in emergency cases, when dental treatment can only begin after a medical consultation has been received.
  • Patients may be assigned to either the student dentist or postgraduate (specialty care) programs depending upon the above-mentioned considerations.
  • The cost of a new patient evaluation appointment is $60, which covers the cost of one x-ray (panoramic film). If you do not become a patient of the School, the $60 is not refunded, but you may request a copy of the panoramic film.
  • ULSD accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments for the first visit.

Your Health History

Please bring your completed health history form [PDF] and list of medications you are taking to the new patient evaluation appointment. Please be sure that you provide the name and phone number(s) of your medical doctor(s).

If you have radiographs, either digital or film-based, please have your dental office provide copies prior to your consultation appointment. Digital radiographs of high-quality are preferred; however, all formats are accepted. Mail copies to: Records Room, School of Dentistry, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292-0001.

After the New Patient Evaluation

If your needs can be met by a program at the School, then you will be given all of the necessary information about the appropriate program. You may match with either the student dentist or a postgraduate (specialty care) program. Cost for dental treatment in a postgraduate program is higher than in the student dentist program. Although the School understands that cost may be a factor, the decision on your assignment is based on the complexity of your dental needs and your overall medical history. All major insurances are accepted and an interest-free payment plan is available.