Your First Visits

Before Your Visit

Your First VisitYour Second and Third Visits
  • Call 502-852-5096 to schedule a screening appointment. (90 minutes)
  • UofL is a fee-for-service based facility; patients are responsible for fees not paid by their insurance
  • Non-Refundable Screening Fee of $52.00
  • Gather required information:
    • Valid Photo ID
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Insurance/Medicaid Card(s)
    • Your Health History, which is part of your New Patient Information packet (PDF)
    • Current list of physicians and phone numbers and explanation of involvement in your care
    • Current list of medications
  • Prior to your visit, send your current dental records/x-rays to or address above. This may save you money if your insurance does not cover.
  • Your screening appointment will be 90 minutes long
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to register with our Patient Services Representatives
  • Pay your non-refundable $52.00 screening fee
  • A Panoramic x-ray of your mouth will be taken. There may be additional fees for this service, based upon your insurance coverage.
  • A model or cast of your teeth will be created
  • You will be asked questions about your Health History and current list of medications.
  • Your current records/x-rays from referring providers/ private dentists will be reviewed
  • Please leave children at home or bring another adult to supervise them in the waiting area
  • Please share your concerns and ask questions to ensure open communications and transparency during your treatment.
  • A comprehensive examination is completed in  two separate appointments.
  • Based upon your initial screening, additional
    x-rays may be required to develop your treatment plan.
  • A cast or mold of your mouth is created.
  • The cost for these visits depends upon the number of additional diagnostic images needed, as well as clinic assignment and insurance coverage
  • You will be assigned to a clinic based upon the complexity of your needs, budget and personal preference.
  • A treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you, and  appointments scheduled.
  • Future DMD Clinic visits can last up to 3 hours, please plan accordingly.
  • Payment plans can be made.

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