Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies are best managed in the dental office where all of the equipment and supplies necessary for treatment are available. However, many emergencies happen after "office hours" and on weekends when traditional dental offices are closed. If you have a dental emergency, it is best to call your dentist and discuss the situation over the phone. It can be determined if you need to be seen immediately or the care can wait until the office is open during regular hours. Dental emergencies can be seen in local hospital emergency rooms but generally only very limited care can be provided.

These are the top 5 dental emergencies:

  • Toothache with no visible swelling
  • Dental abscess (pain, swelling or draining infection)
  • Dental trauma (fractured, displaced or avulsed teeth)
  • Fractured tooth/lost filling/loss of a crown
  • Damaged dental prosthesis (denture fractured/ veneer fractured/ orthodontic wire or appliance issue)

If you are a patient of the school and have a dental emergency, you can call your dental student or the School's Emergency Clinic 502-852-5096. For emergency care after 5:00 PM on weekdays and on weekends and holidays, our patients should call 502-852-5096 for information on how to get care.

Current Patients

If you are currently a patient of the School and have a dental emergency, please contact your group scheduler:

Teams Alpha, Bravo or Charlie Schedulers

  • 502-852-3908 or
  • 502-852-2135

Teams Delta, Echo or Foxtrot Schedulers

  • 502-852-2128 or
  • 502-852-2131

Postgraduate Clinics (Specialty Clinics)

Please contact your postgraduate student/resident or the appropriate clinic at the number listed below:

Non-Established Patients

If you are not an established patient, you are still eligible to receive urgent care. Please contact Patient Services at 502-852-5096. You may only receive emergency treatment by appointment. The School does not accept walk-in patients.