COSW Sponsorship Application

Revised July 2014

Completed applications must be received at least six weeks prior to the actual event for which support is requested. Applications will not be funded retroactively.

Request Type
Employment Status
Brief explanation: Provide a brief explanation of the purpose of the project for which you are requesting funding. Include in your explanation of who will benefit from the project; what the nature of the benefit is; and how the project will affect your work at the University of Louisville.
Itemize costs, scan and email supporting documentation to Georgette Moore at Proof of expenses is required for the requested item to be funded i.e. hotel conference rates, quoted airfare, registration costs, etc. If non-university personnel are to be paid an honorarium from the small-grant, indicate their qualifications in the explanation of the purpose or scan and email a resume/vitae to Georgette Moore at
Please total all expenses.
Did you receive a professional development small grant during the past fiscal year?
If YES, have you submitted your report as required by the terms of the grant?
By submitting this form you confirm the information you provided is true and you agree to submit a brief report or attend a COSW meeting to briefly talk about your sponsorship and experience(s) upon completion of the funded event.
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