A.C.E.S. KY: Black & Latino Student Symposium


About the Program:


A.C.E.S. KY: Black & Latino Student Symposium, began in 2011 as a means to improve the communication among educators, practitioners, and researchers on best practice models and research trends that impact on Black and Latino students’ accessibility to and success within education systems. The symposium is intended for students, faculty, administrators, and staff who are engaged in research, programming, or an ally to Black and Latino students’ academic success. Presenters engage participants in a dialog about models, research findings, and general strategies for increase student success.

The symposium’s plenary and concurrent sessions allow participants to explore and dialog on tracks related Academic challenges that impact student success; Cultural awareness and identity formation through academic and co-curricular experiences; Engagement theory, concepts, and strategies of Black and Latino students within and outside of the classroom; Social Justice movements, at the micro and macro levels, that impact educational attainment.

For 2015, as a part of Project Progress at the University of Louisville, our focus yields to the anniversary of the Higher Education Act of 1965. The intention of this legislation was to strengthen educational resources of our colleges and universities through financial assistant for students, which was the first time the general population had access to need-based aid and ultimately increase access to higher education. Changing laws and attitudes contributed to a significant increase in student enrollment with particular emphasis on Black and Latino students. The renewal of the HEA of 1965 paved the way for programs such as GEAR UP, and prompts dialog and advocacy to a help Black and Latino students to enter, with incentives, fields and programs where they are underrepresented.



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