GIS Certificate

The Geography and Geosciences Department at UofL is pleased to offer an undergraduate certificate in Geospatial Technologies. The certificate program is open to all currently enrolled students pursuing an undergraduate degree at The University of Louisville, and is offered entirely online. The certificate, awarded upon graduation, will offer the student an additional layer of credentials as they seek gainful employment in this fast and growing field.

“Because the uses for geospatial technology are so widespread and diverse, the market is growing at an annual rate of almost 35 percent, with the commercial subsection of the market expanding at the rate of 100 percent each year.”

(US Department of Labor,

Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Geospatial Technologies (15 hours)

Required Courses (2):

  • Geography 350: Introduction to Mapping and Geospatial Technologies
  • Geography 558: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Elective Courses (Choose 3):

  • Geography 355: Remote Sensing
  • Geography 356: Introduction to Spatial Statistics
  • Geography 385: Introduction to Programming and Spatial Data Analysis
  • Geography 531: GIS and Urban Demographic Analysis
  • Geosciences 571: GIS and Water Resources
  • Geography 583: Spatial and Non-spatial Databases
  • Geography 590: Web Mapping

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Katrina Elliott
(502) 852.5575

You must also apply to graduate with the certificate on Ulink at the beginning of the semester in which you intend to graduate with your major.  You must fill out two graduation applications since this certificate is non-degree seeking.  When you are ready to graduate - the link to graduate with the certificate should appear just under the link to graduate with your major.

Please submit your certificate admission application online (*NOTE: you must have an active student account to login to this application form).

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