Admissions Volunteers in Action To Recruit

    The AVIATOR program was adopted by the Office of Admission with the primary goal of supporting its diversity recruitment initiatives. AVIATORS geared towards promoting the cardinal spirit to prospective high school student, in an effort to give back, grow and diversify the U of L community.


    Meet the 2014-15 AVIATORs!

    AVIATORS are able to promote post-secondary educational awareness and the development of high school aged students by introducing them to your unique college experience. Currently the program is comprised of thirty undergraduate students from various backgrounds.

    The main responsibilities of an AVIATOR are to enhance Diverse Student Visit Opportunities through the "Order Your Educational Steps" and "Up-Close and Personal" programs. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Facilitating tours to diverse student groups
    2. Hosting and escorting prospective High School visitors, including tours
    3. Mingling with students at major Diversity Recruitment events
    4. Sitting on and leading student panels

    Major Events
    AVIATORS also provide support of Major Diversity Recruitment events, such as the Hispanic/Latino Admitted Student Reception, Porter Scholars Reception, and the Think College Now Conference, go along with day-to-day AVIATOR responsibilities. Below is a complete list (*NOTE: these events are subject to change).

    -Porter Open House during Accolade
    -Porter Luncheon during Campus Preview Day
    -MLK Scholars Interview and Lunch
    -Think College Now Conference
    -Hispanic/Latino Admitted Student Reception

    For anyone interested, there are many benefits to this program. AVIATORs get to work closely with University of Louisville faculty/staff, receive educational financial assistance, personal and professional developments, uniforms, and an end of the year trip.

    AVIATORS Recommendation Form

    AVIATORS Application

    For more information on how to become an AVIATOR, please contact Aria Higgins at