Freshman Requirements

Decisions about freshman admission are based primarily on high school courses (see pre-college curriculum below) and grades, performance on the ACT (code: 1556) or SAT (code: 1838), and high school rank. Admission requirements may vary by college and curriculum*. To apply:

  1. Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $50 ($25 beginning August 1, 2017).
  3. Submit test scores: either ACT (American College Test) test scores or SAT (Educational Testing Service) test scores may be submitted. Test results may be submitted from the testing agency or may appear on the official high school transcript.
  4. Submit your official transcript(s). Currently enrolled high school applicants must submit official transcripts reflecting at least six semesters of high school work. GED applicants should submit an official copy of their GED scores.
  5. Optional: Have your guidance counselor submit the high school counselor verification form. The high school verification form is not required. It is recommended for students applying to the JB Speed School of Engineering so the Admissions Office can assess courses in progress not on the transcript. It is also an easy way for high schools to verify free and reduced lunch status for fee waivers.

*Note: applicants to the School of Music must also pass an audition. Admission to the School of Nursing is a two-step process with the new freshmen being admitted to the lower-level division and then re-applying to the upper-division as a junior.

Pre-College Curriculum (PCC):

Four credits of English/Language Arts

  • English I, English II, English III, English IV (or AP English)


Three credits of Mathematics

    • Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry (see note below on substitutions)

    Three credits of Science

      • Credits to include life science, physical science, and earth/space science (at least one lab)

      Three credits of Social Studies

        • From U.S. History, Economics, Government, World Geography and World Civilization

        1/2 credit of Health

          1/2 credit of Physical Education

            One credit of History and Appreciation of Visual, Performing Arts

              • History and appreciation of visual and performing arts or another arts course that incorporates such content.

              Two credits of Foreign Language

                • Required or demonstrated competency in a foreign language.

                Seven credits of Electives (five rigorous credits)

                  Recommended strongly: one or more courses that develop computer literacy

                    Note: A student may substitute an integrated, applied, interdisciplinary, or higher level course with a program of study if the substituted course offers the same or greater academic rigor and the course covers or exceeds the minimum required content.

                    Note: Out of state freshman applicants may be exempt from PCC.