Scholarship Tips & Suggestions

How the scholarship application works

  1. Register for an online account if you have not done so already.   If you applied for admission online, you can use that login for the scholarship application too.
  2. Enter your personal information, including your GPA, ACT, major, address, and more. If this is your first submission of the scholarship application, please also select "Submission #1." If you have already submitted a scholarship application, please select "Submission #2" or "Submissions #3," respectively. Each student can submit the scholarship application up to three times.
  3. You can then apply for each scholarships and/or guaranteed entrance program for which you are eligible. If you are a Governor’s Scholars and/or Governor's School for the Arts participant who meets GPA and test score requirements, do not apply for the Trustee's Scholarship. Your award is guaranteed if your admissions application is received by January 15th. However, all students must apply for any additional scholarships, such as the Vogt, Grawemeyer, and Brown Fellows program awards.
  4. Select the scholarships and programs for which you want to apply and upload any supplemental materials. If required, you will be prompted to input the names and e-mail addresses of any individuals you are requesting a letter of recommendation from.
  5. Once the form is entirely complete, you must click “Submit”.  PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit your application, you cannot go back and make any changes to that application form.


  • December 15: Deadline to apply and submit all materials for mentored scholarships
  • January 15:  Deadline to apply and submit all materials.  You must submit the scholarship application, the admission application, and any required materials by this date to be considered.
  • March 1:  Trustee’s scholarship letters will be sent at the end of February, with the intention of their arriving by March 1.
  • May 1:  Deadline to accept scholarships, if awarded.
  • Some of the scholarship/guaranteed entrance programs conduct interviews. If you apply and are selected for interviews with one or more of these programs, you will be informed of the date and time in February.


You must meet the minimum ACT/SAT and GPA requirements BEFORE the January 15 deadline to be eligible. Scores from test dates after January 15 will not be considered.

Helpful Tips

  • Write down or save your username and password.  You can save your application while you are completing it, but you must have your username and password to log back in to access or submit it.
  • On your resume, include only activities/awards/leadership roles from high school. Give short descriptions of activities as the committee may be unfamiliar with certain honors or activities.
  • Regardless of the ACT/SAT and GPA you enter on your scholarship application, award decisions are ultimately based off of the official scores listed on file. It is very important that you send all scores and transcripts to us. The ones you send for admission will be used for scholarship consideration, so you do not need to send them twice.
  • Put your name on all of the documents you upload, including your resume and any essays.  We highly recommend using a “header,” so it will put your name on every page.  (In Microsoft Word, you can go to “Insert,” then “Header”.)
  • If the scholarship/guaranteed entrance program for which you are applying requires letters of recommendation, when you submit your application the recommenders will receive an e-mail with a link to submit their letters. All letters of recommendation should be submitted online.
  • Please contact all of your recommenders  in advance. It is courteous to provide recommenders with plenty of time to write and submit letters on your behalf.
  • By logging into your scholarship application, you may always review your applications (including the status of all letters of recommendation).  Click here to review activity.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.  E-mail and put “scholarship” in the subject line.