Harlan Scholars

Guaranteed Entrance to Law School

This program is designed for Kentucky and out-of-state high school students interested in a career in law. Scholars who participate in programming, maintain the designated GPA and score in the 50th percentile or above on the LSAT are automatically admitted to UofL's Brandeis School of Law after earning their bachelor's degree. Harlan Scholars can major in the academic area that best suits their interests. They enjoy benefits of the program and are able to:
- Attend regular group meetings and go on field trips
- Interact with law faculty and students
- Sit in on law school classes

Requirements to Apply:

  • 24 ACT or 1090 SAT (CR+M)
  • 3.35 GPA
  • Write one essay in 400 words or less. Describe what being a lawyer means to you and why you have an interest in the legal profession. How would you use a law degree to promote change or justice in your community?
  • Two academic letters of recommendation. The letter can be from either a high school teacher, counselor, principal or coach. It should address your potential for a career in law. Among other areas, an effective letter could discuss your character, your writing ability, critical problem-solving skills, or leadership skills.