Virtual Writing Center Introduction Script

Welcome to the University Writing Center’s Virtual Writing Center

Input your username and password to log into our online schedule. If you are a new visitor, you will be prompted to register an account. Then you will log in again to access the schedule.

Select Virtual Writing Center from the drop-down menu.

If you are a Distance student, select an open appointment with our consultant reserved for Distance students only. If you are an on campus student, select any other consultant.

Click on the white box in that consultant’s schedule to make an appointment.

There are two options for a virtual appointment: meet online or e-tutoring. First I will overview the “meet online” option. Choosing “meet online” means making an appointment for a live virtual chat with a consultant. Virtual chat appointments are fifty minutes long.

After selecting that option, fill out the details with your course name, instructor, and assignment. Describe in as much detail as you can what the assignment is asking of you and what your main concerns are that you would like the consultant to focus on. Then save the appointment.

If you want to make an appointment when the schedule is full, you can click on the clock icon next to the day to add your name to the waiting list, and you will be notified by text or email if the appointment becomes available. Then you would need to go back to this page to book the appointment.

When it’s time for your online appointment, log back in to the appointment screen and select the time you chose. Five to ten minutes before a virtual chat is set to start, click Start or Join Online Consultation.

In the upper right corner, click the image of a person to see who is logged in to the appointment and wait for your consultant to log in. You can use the chat area below to chat to your consultant and see replies above in the chat space.

You can also start a video or audio chat with your consultant. Click Connect and then click Start Publishing and you will be able to send and receive audio and video, although if these are not working immediately, feel free to use the text chat option.

The main features of a virtual chat appointment include the whiteboard and the toolbar. If you did not attach a file when you made your appointment, your consultant may ask you to do so now. Click on the import/export button in the top right corner and then follow the instructions to upload your file. When you upload it, it will replace the text on the whiteboard. After you’ve uploaded your work, both you and your consultant will be able to make changes to the document on the whiteboard. You can simply type or use the formatting features on the toolbar to make changes. It will save automatically as you go.

During your session, you can also use the Timeslider button on the toolbar to review previous versions of the whiteboard. When your consultation is finished, you can save your work by clicking Import/Export again and choosing a file type. Your work will also remain saved on the appointment screen. When the session is finished, you can simply close your browser window to exit.

If you want to log back into the appointment and see your work, you can return to it any time by clicking on the appointment time.

Another option for the virtual writing center is e-Tutoring, where instead of having a live chat, you upload a piece of writing and a consultant will send feedback to you later. To make an e-Tutoring appointment, select an appointment time and then select e-Tutoring from the drop-down menu. Fill out the information about your course title, instructor, and assignment details, click Save Appointment, and then you will be able to upload your work. Follow the instructions on the screen to attach a file. For an e-Tutoring appointment, expect feedback from the consultant within two business days of the time you have chosen for your appointment although it may be longer during busy times. When feedback is ready, you will receive an email notification that it has been uploaded onto your appointment, and you will then be able to return to the appointment to view it. Open your appointment and you will be able to see and download your feedback as an attached file.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Writing Center at 502-852-2173 502-852-2173. Please visit our website at to find many additional resources.