Our Community Writing Values and Approaches

Writing center work is rooted in the principles of dialogue, collaboration, and meeting writers where they are. Rather than go to a community group or organization with a predetermined plan in mind, we draw on participatory action research approaches that are grounded in the assumption that community members understand their own needs and conditions. We  enter in to university-community partnerships with a willingness and assumption that we will learn as much as they will learn. We work to open conversations with our community partners about what might be mutually useful and beneficial given their needs and our abilities and to do our best to make clear to them that “your agenda is our agenda.”

Our conversations with community partners are ongoing, because community work, like learning to write, is always developing.  In our community work we know we are building ever-evolving relationships between the University Writing Center and Family Scholar House and the Western Branch Library and that those relationships mean keeping a sense of flexibility and communication when creating and assessing programs.

Our goal is participatory community writing partnerships that allow us to create a sustainable, ongoing collaborations through which graduate and undergraduate students engage in community writing work that is meaningful and a learning experience for everyone involved.

We also believe in writing about these experiences, with the approval and feedback, and sometimes collaboration, of our community partners. Here are some of the places where we have talked and written about this work.

Blog Posts

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