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January, 2024

Workday FIN focus on Michelle Comer

Michelle Comer has been with the University of Louisville for almost five years and was recently named the Controller for the Office of Finance and Administration. In this capacity, Michelle supervises the accounting staff responsible for student receivables, capital assets, debt, general ledger administration and financial reporting. Previously, Michelle served as the director of accounting and financial reporting at the university and has experience with several other units within the university.

Michelle joined the Workday Finance Steering Committee in September 2023 and has been working closely with the finance stream leads to create the functional data model for Workday Finance. She is excited to be in a leadership role during this pivotal time at the university and believes her previous professional experience in company acquisitions and data conversion is an asset to the implementation. The finance stream leads have been working diligently on the design phase of the project, and Michelle appreciates the dedication they have shown to the implementation.

After attending functional design sessions, Michelle believes the biggest benefit of the Workday Finance implementation will be having a more unified platform for the university to evaluate its financial operations. She also sees great opportunities within Workday and is excited to see how workstreams will help manage efficiencies and reduce redundant activities. During her transition into leadership and throughout the Workday implementation, Michelle keeps the following quote in mind from John C. Maxwell:
“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Michelle Comer

Fun questions for Michelle:

What is your favorite local brewery?

Gravely. Channel Orange is her favorite and she loves the homage paid to the Heisman and dunking cardinal featured on the Cardinale cans.

Are you currently binge-watching any shows?

Michelle just finished watching Lessons in Chemistry and was relieved it was like the book.

Who is your greatest hero/role model/inspiration?

Michelle is an avid Peloton user and can often be heard quoting the instructors. Most of her quotes come from Jess Sims. Michelle has the quote, “This is tough but I’m tougher,” on her computer to remind her how the physical challenges in exercise prepare her for the mental and personal challenges in her daily life.

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