American Association of University Women at the University of Louisville

 Founded in 2015, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) - UofL, was the first AAUW student organization in Kentucky. This group prepares its members to become leaders on campus and in the community. The focus of this organization's programs are education & training, economic security, leadership, and governance & sustainability. Apply to be a member!

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Major Accomplishments:

The Tampon Task Force

  • 2016 - Students approached the Women’s Center with concerns about the lack of access to personal hygiene products on campus. AAUW at UofL created a Tampon Task Force and held a personal hygiene product drive on campus during the Spring 2017 semester.  With the generous support of students, faculty, and staff, they were able to collect more than 700 products during that campaign.
  • 2017 - The Student Government Association has worked diligently to see the creation and implementation of free access to personal hygiene products.
  • 2018 - Through the collaboration of the Women's Center, the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and the Student Government Association (SGA), specific dispensers are located on all 3 UofL campuses with free personal products. There are currently over 50 dispensers.
  • 2019 - Rep. Attica Scott sponsored the American Association of University Women at UofL bill, KY House Bill 85, where KY Colleges would be required to provide free menstrual hygiene products on campus that receive governmental funding. Members lobbied for their bill during a press conference held at the State Capitol.

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