Tampon Task Force Programs


Campus Talk: Stain the Stigma

Let’s talk about it. PERIOD. Join us for a fun, interactive & informative session on all things menstrual! All are welcome to come discuss.

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Break the silence. PERIOD. Join us as we raise awareness and change negative social norms surrounding menstrual hygiene with interactive activities including: period facts, color your cramps, alternative products, price guessing, how much do you period? and pin the part on the uterus. 

Bloody Hell: Period Poverty

Join us for an interactive discussion on how period poverty effects people in various oppressive states including, but not limited to, women in prison, homeless women, and trans women. 

Personal Product Drive

Donate pads, tampons, liners, or any other hygiene product! These products will go to restocking the hygiene baskets provided by the Women's Center and the Tampon Task Force. Donations can be dropped off at the Women's Center in Strickler Hall 126D. 

Upcoming Opportunities

Tampon Task Force has a bill in Frankfort, HB85

Contact your legislators - support House Bill 85! Make menstruation products available for free on all government-funded campuses in Kentucky