Web at UofL

Resources and information for those who create and maintain UofL websites

Webguides Overview

For those seeking information or assistance

If you need a hand, come to the meetings to find others who may have answers, or subscribe to the webguide mailing list and ask there. We have over 100 people on the list, so one of us may have an answer for you.

For the experienced users

If you are a web master and can share some knowledge, please participate. Others can benefit from your experience. The meetings and mailing list are great resources for information that relates to web work. The webguide list is almost always the first place where ideas for new U of L web-related tools and infrastructure are discussed. It's also often the place where changes effecting the web infrastructure are announced.


Webguide meetings are on the last Thursday of the month, with the exception of the November/December meeting which is TBA. We are currently meeting via Teams. Please feel free to join Webguides Teams channel.

The mailing list

This is a great resource for U of L related web publishing questions and information. Webguide is a fairly low-traffic, unmoderated list. Anyone subscribed to the list can post a message. Responses should be sent to the individual by default.

Subscribe to the Webguide mailing list today to get started.