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Strategic Area Group Experts (SAGE)

Mighty Citizen and the WIP team have aimed to connect all implementation activities back to UofL’s Strategic Plan and have prioritized six strategic areas that directly support those goals. These areas are ordered so that the research, ideation and solutions for one strategic area will support and help to inform subsequent areas.

The six areas are:

  1. Student Recruitment & Admissions
  2. Student Support & Services
  3. Research & Innovation
  4. Faculty & Staff Support & Services
  5. Alumni & Donor Engagement
  6. Community Engagement

From January to June 2023, Mighty Citizen conducted eight workshops with stakeholders across the strategic areas to inform the direction of the Web Improvement Project. Stakeholders in these groups took part in journey activities that identified areas of strength and opportunity across the web at UofL.

Student Recruitment & Admissions

The Student Recruitment & Admissions workshop included stakeholders who are focused on attracting prospective students and supporting them through the admissions and enrollment process. This group identified areas of opportunity for UofL to clarify its process for admittance and improve the online application experience.

Stakeholder Unit
Megan Adams Office of Admissions, Coordinator of Dual Credit
Patriece Campbell-Palmer Graduate School, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Jennifer Coffey School of Medicine, Director of Admissions
Stephanie Dickerson Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Associate Director of Admissions Counselors
Melissa Eversole Undergraduate Admissions, Associate Director of Application Processing and Orientation Programs
Jason Gainous College of Arts & Sciences, former Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Research & Innovation

The Research & Innovation workshop included researchers, deans and program directors who are focused on increasing and supporting research, innovation, scholarship and creative activity at the university. This group explored the need for a research promotional strategy and improved processes and tools for research faculty and staff to better showcase UofL as a research powerhouse.

Stakeholder Unit
Dr. Anita Barbee Kent School of Social Work, Director of PhD Program and Professor & Distinguished University Scholar
Mary Bentley Houk Envirome Institute, Senior Director of Development
Betty Coffman Office of Communications & Marketing, Communications & Marketing Coordinator for Research
Paul DeMarco Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Interim Director
Michael Menze College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, Associate Dean of Research & Innovation
Anne Noe Health Sciences Campus Research Office, Program Manager
Baylee Pulliam Office of Research & Innovation, Director of Marketing and Communications
Brad Shuck Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development, Professor
Jacqui Smith Speed School of Engineering, Coordinator Speed School Research and Graduate Studies

Faculty and Staff Support & Services

The Faculty and Staff Support & Services workshop included stakeholders who are dedicated to personal growth, retention and professional development of staff and faculty. This group identified the need for a clear onboarding process across all departments to ensure faculty and staff receive the support they need.

Stakeholder Unit
Cheryl Capito-Paul Customer Service & Quality Improvement, Business Operations Manager
Kari Donahue Speed School of Engineering, Director of Communications & Marketing
Laura McDaniels Employee Success Center, Engagement Specialist
Eugene Mueller Faculty Senate, Chair
Christina Reed Office of Human Relations, former HR Business Partner
Chris Seals School of Medicine, Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs
Rick Serfass Facilities Management, Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services
John Smith Staff Senate, Chair
Robin Zahrndt Delphi Center, Program Manager

Alumni & Donor Engagement

The Alumni & Donor Engagement workshop included stakeholders who are focused on increasing and fostering alumni and donor giving and engagement with the university’s activities, achievements and events. This group identified the need to improve campus-wide communications and tools for tracking relevant donor, alumni, and gift giving data in order to continue developing relationships with donors.

Stakeholder Unit
Alexis Allen Alumni Office, Director of Annual Giving
Allison Buchanan College of Arts & Sciences, former Dean’s Office Communications Coordinator
Amanda James Young Alumni & Student Philanthropy, Assistant Director
Kara Salsman Brown Cancer Center, Senior Director of Development
Judy Singleton University of Louisville Foundation, Senior Manager of Gift Administration
Matt Thorne Athletics, Cardinal Athletic Fund
Lisa Warner Health Sciences Center, Assistant Vice President of Development

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement workshop included stakeholders who are dedicated to positively impacting the economic, social, and cultural health and well-being of the Louisville community and beyond. This group identified the need to better promote UofL’s community engagement opportunities and support under-resourced staff.

Stakeholder Unit
Mary Andrade Speed School of Engineering, Director Coop & Career Services
Dwayne Compton School of Medicine, Associate Dean of Community Engagement & Diversity
Henry Cunningham Office of Community Engagement, Director of Community Engagement
Chris Dye College of Business, Director of Communications & Marketing
Jennifer Hanson Athletics, Assistant Athletics Director of Fan Experience
Susan Jenkins Office of Community Engagement, Assistant to the Vice President
Patrick Smith Office of Community Engagement, Assistant Director of Community Engagement
Marian Vasser Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Sherri Wallace College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, Interim Associate Dean of Diversity, Engagement, Culture, and Climate
Kelly Watson College of Business Dean’s Office, Events Manager
Laurie Young Research & Innovation, Director of Industry Partnerships