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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for the project?
The campus community will begin seeing changes within the 2023 calendar year and extending for the next several academic cycles as content is reimagined. A detailed history of the project is also available for your review.
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Will all UofL websites be included?
Eventually, yes. The massive overhaul is being split into multiple phases so it won’t all happen at once. There is over a decade worth of content to consider, but ultimately this will transform all websites at UofL in differing capacities.
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Is Plone going away?
Yes. The Steering Committee and workgroups have identified all requirements and thoroughly investigated all options to fit the university’s needs. As a result, a new content management system (CMS) has been selected for the university. Beginning in 2023, we will begin a multi-phase transition from Plone.
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Will I have to rebuild my current website?
The migration path of current content has not yet been identified. Since the places and ways that we communicate and share information online will be changing significantly, we will be giving great consideration to what happens to existing content. Be sure to stay tuned to UofL Today for updates or reach out to one of the committee members for the latest information.
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We recently launched/redeveloped our site. Will we have to switch?
Eventually, yes. However, due to the complexity and length of this project, that migration date may be further into the future than you may think. Once the committee has announced a migration timeline, units will have a better understanding of this process.
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Our group never used Plone. Will we have to switch?
Yes. One of the primary goals of the Web Improvement Project is to centralize the platforms which help create, distribute and promote valuable campus content. Not having all UofL entities in a central environment (e.g. a content management system) prohibits this and causes inefficiencies, inconsistent messaging to our audiences and unnecessary overhead.
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Our website has a different address (.com, .org, etc.). Will we be affected?
If your unit or group has a website that:
  • Is funded with UofL money
  • Is in direct support of the university’s mission
  • Then regardless of domain extension, your site will be impacted by the decisions and standards put forth in this project. Specifics on this (e.g. continued use of non-.edu domains) will be announced at a later date.
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